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Home Schooling Teachers

What is a Home Schooling Teacher?

In today's educational climate, more and more parents are opting for homeschooling. Parents opting to let their children learn from home is becoming a more and more regular occurrence world wide and especially in South Africa where the standard of education in the public education system has dropped significantly and there is a global trend of providing education in a way suitable to the child's need's instead of the child being moulded to fit the deliver system of traditional education systems. The academic curriculum is delivered by the parents, a home schooling teacher or online education facility at home instead of sending them out to a public or private school.

Where the child is learning through an online schooling system, the support of parents, tutors or a homeschooling teacher is recommended. There are many curriculum's to choose from and the quality of education received by children doing homeschooling especially where the content is delivered by a professional and their schedules are properly balanced with extra murals and social experiences outside of the home can result in a superior education to the child. Children learn faster and can more easily grasp and retain the content delivered in one-on-one or tiny comfortable class situation. If you are looking for support to implement your chosen school curriculum in a homeschooling environment then we can assist.

Sitters4U now also provides homeschooling groups classes. These are groups of children in the same area, and grade, the parents of the children in the class will take turns to provide the home class on a week by week basis and classes can include up to a maximum of 5 children as per department guidelines. This makes the option of homeschooling far more affordable. With a class of 5 children, rates per child can go to as low as R 4000 to R 5000 per child per month. If you are interested in finding out about our homeschooling groups in your area for 2019 or 2020, or you know of other parents with similarly aged children in the same grade as your child that would like to form a homeschooling group, join our homeschooling registration list to be alerted of other children being educated in a home environment in your area.

Please Note: Home Schooling teachers are provided up to grade 9 only. For Grade 10 or higher, due to the specialised nature of subjects, specialized tutors should be contracted for each subject.

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Minimum Requirements for Home Schooling Teachers

Our homeschooling teachers subscribe to a rigid mandate, they are all experienced. They must have a degree in Education and/or other certified tertiary education related to the subjects they teach or be in the process of completing one. They have immaculate credentials and a genuine interest and passion for teaching.

Our Home Schooling Teachers have:

  • Experience: Tutor and/or teaching and/or facilitation experience with contactable references other than friends or family.
  • Education: A minimum of a Bachelor's degree from an accredited university or are in the process of completing one.
  • Vehicles: Their own reliable child safe vehicle and a valid South African driving license.
  • Personality:We prefer working with candidates who are dedicated, organized, friendly, energetic, creative, patient, active and caring. All have a friendly, outgoing and caring personality, a passion and genuine interest in assisting their students to achieve the best results possible.
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What do Home Schooling Teachers earn?

Rates are dependent on the experience and education level of the home schooling teacher and expertise required to delivered the chosen curriculum, the grade of the child requiring teaching, weather the curriculum is delivered by the teacher in full, including content planning and lesson delivery or by an online facility with the teacher assisting in content delivery, the school hours and time required off site to set up lessons, whether the child has any learning difficulties or disabilities and if traveling is required.

Rates Range from R 7000 per month at Grade R level for 3 hours a day, to R 35 000 per month at Gr. 9 on IEB or cambridge for a full school day.

For an accurate quotation please complete our quotation form here.

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How do we screen Home Schooling Teachers?

  • Home Schooling Teachers are personally interviewed and skills assessed by a trained Sitters4U Recruiter.
  • Applying applicants submit copies of ID, drivers license, proof of address, first aid, tertiary certification and criminal clearance which are checked.
  • References are checked by a Sitters4U recruiter or representative.

What are the Duties of a Home Schooling Teacher?

Specific duties and responsibilities may vary and include many of the duties of tutors , but there are several core tasks associated with home schooling which include;
  • Home schooling teachers are responsible for lesson planning and developing consumable educational content for home school age children. They are hired to prepare curriculum to instruct students and deliver the content required to meet the departmental educational or curriculum outcomes. They carry out daily lesson plans by following the education department and curriculum guidelines.
  • Whether teaching one student or an entire group, home schooling teachers must practice classroom management techniques to create a positive and effective classroom environment.
  • A home school teacher must be able to meet students’ individual needs and assist with differentiated learning strengths and preferences.
  • Excellent home school teachers facilitate routines, rituals, and celebrations that create a healthy learning atmosphere and boost student independence.
  • Home school teachers conduct student testing according to the standards mandated by the Department of Education.
  • When needed, they conduct formal or informal assessments of student progress using checklists, rubrics, testing tools, and student work. They document testing results and use them to adjust student learning as needed.
  • Most home school teachers design an individual course of study for each learner under their care. They research, plan, and organize in collaboration with students and their parents to decide which curriculum is the most effective for the learner’s educational goals. Successful home school teachers learn multiple teaching strategies to accommodate diverse student needs and learning styles.
  • Home school teachers often help organize and attend activities that support their home school students. They encourage community relations, involve themselves with the families they teach, and create a warm, nurturing atmosphere for positive learning.
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